• 25 Min. Single Session $99

    Relax in our full body massage chair & watch some Netflix while your teeth magically whiten up to 12 shades. Our whitening gel is safe, gentle, & effective. Remove years of stains (we're lookin' at you, coffee & wine!) in just 25 minutes.

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  • 45 Min. Double Session $129

    Stubborn stains don't stand a chance against our double session. This is perfect for heavy coffee or wine drinkers. Relax in our massage chair white your teeth magically whiten in just 45 minutes.

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  • When to Book

    We suggest scheduling 2+ days before any special events as your teeth will continue to whiten for 48 hours. Please wait at least 1 week after any dental cleaning appointments to schedule your whitening session.

  • What To Do

    Please arrive on time to your appt. as we may not be able to accommodate clients that are 10+ mins late. Be prepared to consume only water for 2 hrs. after your session & to avoid dark colored food & drinks for 24 hrs.

  • Who Can Book

    Although our whitening gel is safe & gentle, this service is only for clients 14+ years old. Teeth whitening is also not suitable for pregnant or breast feeding mothers, or those with braces or dental implants.


1. First, we'll make you nice & comfy with our luxurious full body massage chair + a little Netflix.

2. Next, you'll use a disposable toothbrush to cleanse your teeth & treat the gums.

3. You'll then insert a comfortable silicone whitening tray in your mouth, we'll set up the LED teeth whitening lamp, and you'll sit back & relax.

4. The treatment is quick & painless, most clients actually find it relaxing. Since our whitening gel is made of natural peroxide, there's no need to worry about gum sensitivity.

5. Once finished, you may only drink water for 2 hours and avoid any dark colored food/drinks for 24-48 hours. Results last 6-24 months depending on diet, we even retail Touch Up Pens available so you can whiten at home.