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Travel Trio Mini Set

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Includes 2 oz Tan Extend Lotion + 2 oz Body Wash + 2 oz Self Tanning Mousse + Deluxe Sample of Rose Water Self Tan Face Mist.


T A N  E X T E N D

On cleansed skin, apply an even layer of Tan Extend to any desired area or full body. We recommend washing hands immediately after application to avoid DHA development in unwanted areas. Wait 8-10 minutes before dressing to ensure product has absorbed into the skin. Use sparingly on hands and feet. Avoid  sweating & contact with water for 8 hours after application. Apply daily until desired color is achieved. Avoid contact with eyes.


B O D Y  W A S H

Get naked, get wet, & get clean. This all natural formula won’t strip your sunless tan. Moisturizes as it cleans to leave skin soft.  Proprietary blend of eight organic plant extracts to pamper skin as it cleans. Safe for sensitive skin, this body wash can be used as a shave gel as well. Sulfate free, paraben, free, and pH balanced, this body wash is safe for sensitve skin and has just a hint of coconut scent.


F A C E  M I S T

lluminate and add radiance to your complexion with the soothing benefits of rosewater. Our Rose Illuminating Facial Tan Mist treats your skin to an unparalleled hydrated, conditioning finish to make your tan look more natural and last longer. This gradual tanner has been designed specifically for the face to prolong your tan and help you build a gorgeous golden glow. Use daily as part of your skin care routine to build or maintain your existing self tan with a glowing, hydrated finish. Rose Illuminating Facial Tan Mist suits all skin tones and types for those wanting a face tanner that restores radiance and delivers a flawless finish every time.